Group Writing

asterix-huge-fight-37036293789The following is an almost literal transcript of a conversation I recently had with a student whose name was not James. I think it shows what often happens when students write in groups.

James: I received a fail mark for the report, while I thought I had done a really good job.

Bob: Oh dear! And what about the rest of your group?

James: They all failed too. Could you tell me what went wrong?

Bob: Of course! I think the problem is Chapter 5, “Concept Generation”.

James: What’s wrong with it?

Bob: Well, let me ask you this. What did you think about its quality?

James: I don’t know. I didn’t write Chapter 5.

Bob: I know you didn’t. And neither did anybody else.

James: Ah …

Bob: And there is another thing. Did you notice that Chapter 4 consists of illustrations only?

James: Ehhh … not really, no. I wrote Chapter 7 you see …

Bob: I do see! And what a wonderful chapter it is. If only the assignment had been to write one chapter each, eh? You would have nailed it!

(Oh, I almost actually said that last bit …)  😉


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